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AmuNation Airdrop MetaBear NFTs, AmuPoints & Cash prizes! – CryptoGpt

The AmuNation Airdrop is currently active! Amulet Protocol, also known as “Amulet,” is a decentralized protocol for risk protection (RPP) that was developed for Rust-based ecosystems. Initially, it was designed for the Solana blockchain. Amulet has established an inventive and transparent risk protection model that not only tackles the typical challenges that decentralized RPPs face, but also revolutionizes the entire risk protection sector.

The Amulet Protocol team is conducting a giveaway for random users, and a total of MetaBear NFTs, AmuPoints, and cash prizes tokens will be airdropped. To participate in this event, please consult our comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide.

  • Closes in: 4 Days
  • Estimate value: N/A
  • Reward Pool: MetaBear NFTs, AmuPoints & Cash prizes!
  • Referral: YES
  • Max. participants: N/A
  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Amulet

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Head to the AmuNation Airdrop Bot
  2. Create an account on AmuNation app – sign up with wallet or social account
  3. Follow, Like & Retweet this tweet
  4. Join our Discord Server
  5. Share your Amulet Avatar on Twitter, tag @AmuletProtocol and 2 friends
  6. Enter your SOL Wallet address
  7. Refer friends to increase chances of winning. Every referred friend to the AmuNation will give you an extra ticket for the Raffle!

Good luck!


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