Crypto News, March 18: Are investors too greedy?

Vitalik Buterin argues that the crypto industry has lost something important. Even today, Elizabeth Warren has a new bill targeting corrupt transactions.

Today’s headlines:

Buterin gives a TIME interview. πŸ“°

Vitalik Buterin is on the front cover of Time Magazine this week. In an interview, the co-founder of Ethereum revealed that he is concerned about the future of crypto – and said that the industry is in danger of being swayed by greed. Warning Crypto has “a dystopian capability”, he was seen criticizing the board APNFT – as well as how decentralized autonomous organizations use coins to vote. Batrain said he sometimes feels like he is “screaming in the air” while expressing his concerns, but he is determined to raise more voices in 2022. Announcing that he would prefer Ethereum to do nothing but annoy some people, he added: “It’s not about playing games with millions of dollars worth of crypto monkeys, it’s about doing such things Is to make a significant impact in the real world. “

A huuuuuuuuuge mistake 😭

An NFT collector has revealed that he has “lost all his wealth in one click.” Dino Dealer claims that it intended to list its Ether Rock for 444 ETH – valued at 1.2 million at current prices. But instead, it entangled it for a small fraction of the ether, meaning it was advertised for sale on OpenC for only 444 WEI. Before DinoDealer could realize its fatal mistake, a boat broke the rock for just $ 0.0012 – and immediately began offering NFT on the market at 234 ETH. If sold, it would result in a net profit of approximately $ 650,000. On Twitter, the unfortunate investor wrote: “I lost 1 million in one click. Is there any hope? Am I GMI? Can snipers have mercy?”

New bill targets sanctioned Russians using crypto πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

A US senator who is a vocal critic of cryptocurrencies has proposed a new bill to bar Russians from using digital assets to avoid economic sanctions. Elizabeth Warren wants Biden’s administration to have the power to stop US crypto exchanges from processing wallet transactions in Russia. U.S. taxpayers will also be affected by the Digital Assets Restrictions Act, as they will be forced to file forms if they are involved in offshore corrupt transactions worth more than $ 10,000. Warren sits on the Senate Banking Committee – and his proposed bill comes despite the co-founder of the blockchain intelligence firm telling the committee that there is no evidence that Putin’s government is corrupt to avoid sanctions. Is using “systematically”.

Crypto talk surges on Twitter πŸ“ˆ

Twitter is increasingly being used to talk about corruption, according to a new social network report. Discussions on topics including stable coins, NFT marketplaces, decentralized apps and decentralized exchanges have increased by 242%. Meanwhile, the mention of fan tokens has increased by 994% year on year. The company believes that this entry-level conversation could encourage everyday consumers to adopt crypto. He added: “Money matters kept a few people’s secrets close. But these days, a new mob is joining the action – and having fun.”

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