Dogecoin Threatens to Sue YouTuber Accused of Stealing the Memecoin’s Trademarks for New Token

In a heated tweet, Billy Markus told Matt Wallace that he was "literally breaking the law" — and urged him to abandon his plans to launch an altcoin called Accept Dogecoin.

Dogecoin’s creator is threatening to take legal action against a YouTuber who is allegedly violating the project’s trademarks and preparing to launch a brand-new token.

In a heated tweet, Billy Markus told Matt Wallace that he was “literally breaking the law” — and urged him to abandon his plans to launch an altcoin called Accept Dogecoin.

According to the token’s official website, $ACEPT is a “first-of-its-kind crypto with a mission to get Dogecoin accepted by companies across the globe.”

However, critics have questioned why an entirely new cryptocurrency needs to be created to promote DOGE as a payment method.

Replying to a tweet that Wallace has since deleted, Markus wrote:

“Matt, literally, you are breaking the law. The Dogecoin Foundation is looking into taking legal action against you. You’re NOT helping dogecoin. Knock it off with this ‘positivity’ thing. There is nothing positive about being a criminal, the thing you are doing.”

Suggesting that the most positive thing to do for the community would be to abandon Accept Dogecoin altogether, Markus also raised questions about the project’s team members… amid allegations that his partner has a criminal background.

Twitter users have linked “lead organizer” Myles G Investments to Myles Watkins, who was charged with masquerading as a modelling agency employee in order to rob and kidnap a woman at gunpoint. Markus told Wallace:

“Dogecoin people wouldn’t care if you stopped shilling Dogecoin while doing your own shady crap. Stop talking about Dogecoin. Go away.”

DOGE Gets Tough on Trademarks

The Dogecoin Foundation has previously said that it is stepping up efforts to protect its brand — with Ross Nicoll, a developer who recently parted ways with the project, revealing that a number of parties have been “registering trademarks for Dogecoin” despite having no affiliation with the organization.

According to Accept Dogecoin’s website, the project plans to “develop a fully comprehensive outreach package for each possible way to accept Dogecoin” — and hire a team that would be tasked with reaching out to companies to set out the benefits of embracing DOGE. A “six-figure marketing campaign” is also promised.

The total supply for ACCEPT has been set at one trillion tokens, and the concept has come in for criticism. One Twitter user, Doge Whisperer, asked Wallace:

“If you’re looking to build a team to educate retailers on accepting DOGE, why create a new token? Why not raise capital in DOGE, pay people in DOGE and teach retailers about DOGE? Besides, the community would be willing to do this without pay. Makes no sense.”

A “fair launch” for Accept Dogecoin is apparently going to take place on March 29.

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