How to Add Astar Network to Metamask

THE step-by-step guide on how to add an Astar network to a MetaMask. Read now!

Cryptocurrency fanatics have several options for software wallets, but MetaMask is one of the most widespread on the market. It allows you to access DeFi applications directly from your browser and supports many different blockchains in addition to Bitcoin. In this guide, CMC Academy explains how to add Astar Network to MetaMask.

TLDR: 4 Steps to Add Astar Network to MetaMask

  • Install the Metamask software wallet.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Tap Add network.
  • Paste the required information and add Astar Network (ASTAR).

Step 1: Install Metamask.

The first step is to install Metamask, which is very easy. Visit the official website and download the browser extension. You can then add it to your browser. To do this, access your browser settings and click on “Settings” and then click on “More Tools”. The following screen will open:

Toggle the blue button and pin the extension to your browser:

Step 2: Open Metamask in your browser

After installation, MetaMask will be located in the upper right corner of your browser. You can open it by clicking the Fox icon (if you have a wallet PIN) or the extension’s icon in the top right corner of your screen (if you don’t have a PIN):

Click “Expand view” to open the wallet in a new tab:

You will see a screen like this:

Step 3: Add Astar Network to your Metamask wallet.

You can add the Astar Network by selecting the profile icon in the top right of your MetaMask and clicking Settings:

Then click on “Networks”:

This brings up the following screen where you can add Astar Network to your selected MetaMask networks:

Click “Add a network” to add Astar. Do this by copying and pasting technical information about Astar from the information below.

Save the network by clicking “Save” and it will be added to your metamask:

Step 4: Transfer ASTR to your MetaMask wallet.

In the final step, you can transfer Astar (ASTR) to your MetaMask. Binance is an exchange that supports ASTR, and where you can withdraw ASTR in your MetaMask wallet.

Select “Withdraw” and open the following screen:

Copy your metamask address from the clipboard in your account:

Paste it into the address folder and the correct network will be automatically selected by Exchange. If it doesn’t, you must choose Astar as the network to avoid losing your assets!

Select the amount you want to withdraw and click on “Withdraw:”.

After processing the exchange withdrawal request, you receive ASTR directly in your MetaMask wallet.

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