How to get Nest Aware? in 2022

How to get Nest Aware? This time, the Google Signup team is looking to answer this question about Nest Aware. First, we have to say that Nest Aware devices allow you to automatically capture live images. That is, wherever you place a Nest Aware device, it will record its location live and store those recordings for you to view later. Hence, it is a perfect device for those who want to be able to view their home or workplace at any time for security purposes.

To get a Google Nest Aware subscription, simply select one of the payment plans and confirm. Getting Nest Aware is as simple as that. Nest Aware, which offers a camera system that you can check at any time to see if everything is fine in your home or workplace, has many smart functions. Motion and voice detection, 24-hour video recording and storage for viewing recorded videos are some of the features that make the device and app unique. In addition to these, Nest Aware, which also has a smart warning system, has a fast artificial intelligence that can immediately notify you of any negative situation.

How to get Nest Aware?

In previous subscription plans, you had to make a new purchase for each Nest device. However, now that you get a Nest Aware subscription, you’ll be able to use it on all your Nest devices. So you don’t need to get a new Nest Aware subscription for each Nest device.

You can get a Nest Aware subscription by checking out Google’s new subscription plans. So how much does it cost to get a Nest Aware subscription?

With a Nest Aware subscription, you can check media footage and audio recorded by your Nest camcorders at any time. This is a service included with a Nest Aware subscription. How long recordings are kept, and how long they can record, depends on the Nest Aware subscription you have. Now, to answer the question of how much it costs to get Nest Aware, let’s review the following Nest Aware subscription plans:

  • Basic Nest Aware subscription: $6 per month. Or available on an annual plan for $60. Getting a basic Google Nest Aware subscription allows you to view 30 days of video activity history. There is no 24/7 video recording on this plan. Only videos in which cameras store motion and sound events for 30 days.
  • Nest Aware Plus subscription: $12 per month. Available for $120 on an annual plan. Allows you to view 60 days of video recording history. Also, it gives the right to record videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 10 days a week.

With a single Google Nest Aware subscription, you can use all your Nest devices. You no longer need to purchase a separate Nest Aware subscription for each Nest device. By getting one of the above plans you can use all your Nest devices with one subscription.

How to get a new Nest Aware plan?

You can use the Google Play Store to change your Nest Aware plan and switch to a new Nest Aware plan. Simply visit the Google Play Store and review the plan change options in the “My Subscriptions” section. Thus, you can replace your existing basic Nest Aware or Nest Aware Plus subscription with a new plan. That’s how we answered the question of how to get a new Nest Aware subscription. You can comment under our article for other topics you are interested in. A team that wants to answer everything you wonder about how to get Nest Aware will be waiting for you!

Can I keep an existing Nest Aware subscription?

Of course it can be protected. If you don’t like the new look of Google Nest Aware, you can keep your previous subscription and everything else.

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