NFT Collector accidentally sold $ 1.2M rock for $0.0012.

"In one click my entire net worth of $1 million, is gone. Is there any hope? Am I GMI? Can snipers show mercy?"

If you think your week is going badly, think of something for this NFT collector who lost all his wealth “in one click”.

The Dino dealer claims that it intended to list its Ather Rock for 444 ETH – valued at 1.2 million at current rates.

But instead, it entangled it for a small segment of Ether, meaning it was advertised for sale on OpenSea for only 444 WEI.

Before DinoDealer could realize its fatal mistake, a boat broke the rock for just $ 0.0012 – and immediately began offering NFT on the market for 234 ETH. If sold, it would result in a net profit of approximately $ 650,000.

Bots regularly scour NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and swoop in to capitalize on these mistakes. And unfortunately, the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies means there can be little way to make amends or make a U-turn once a transaction has been executed.

It doesn’t help that sending crypto from one wallet to another usually involves a long string of letters and numbers — increasing the likelihood of a typographical error.

DinoDealer has attempted to reach out to the owner of the bot to get his Ether Rock back, appealing to their more generous side. However, it appears these messages have fallen on deaf ears so far — and worryingly, the victim has been approached by a number of suspicious individuals who are claiming to offer refunds.

On Twitter, several users reached out to DinoDealer to offer their condolences — with some offering (less valuable) NFT rocks as a small form of compensation.

However, DinoDealer appears to be mocking, putting a brave face on his big mistake:

“Crypto customer service? Hello. Can I request a reversal?”

The story’s motto is this: Whenever you’re making an NFT for sale list – or you’re about to make a significant transfer of crypto from one wallet to another – double-check, double-check, and three checks to see if you’ve got it all. Something is full. That’s right. Although transactions often need to be done in a hurry, taking a few seconds to verify things can save you from lifelong regrets.

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